納米晶共模電感鐵芯 CMC Cores

    高飽和磁感應強度-有效縮小共模電感體積 High saturate induction—reduce volume of CMC,優良的阻抗-頻率特性 Excellent impedance frequency characteristic

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    AT&M will select ribbon with suitable composition and level to wind cores based the performance requirements from customers. Then cores will be annealed in magnetic field to meet customers’ requirements. Finally cores will be packaged according to customer’s requirements.



    High saturate induction—reduce volume of CMC


    Excellent impedance frequency characteristic  


    Outstanding ability to resist unbalanced current  


    Excellent thermal stability 



    Nanocrystalline alloy has higher Curie temperature compared with ferrite and can stably work even at 180℃; It has higher permeability and saturated inductance. The weight and volume of the nanocrystalline cores are reduced. Usually, the power loss of copper windings is only 50 - 70% of ferrite. Nanocrystalline cores are widely applied to variable frequency drive, EV controller , air-conditioner, LCD TV, induction cooker and other consumer electronics as well as EMC solution of industrial power supply such as welding machines.


    2.變頻空調(Variable frequency air conditioner)

    3.電磁爐(Induction Cooker )

    4.逆變焊機 (Inverter welding machine)



     五、納米晶與鐵氧體鐵芯性能對比(Magnetic Performance Comparison Between Nanocrystalline and Ferrite Cores):

    基本性能對比 (Basic performance comparison)

    納米晶共模鐵芯 基本性能對比.png

    六、應用原理及實例介紹( Principle and practical application):

    1.變頻傳動變頻器(Variable-frequency Drive Device )


    Frequency converter is electricity control equipment which uses variable and micro electronics technologies to control an AC motor through changing frequency of power supply for the motor. It is composed of rectifier (AC-DC), filters, inverters (DC-AC), brake unit, drive unit, test unit, micro-processing unit, etc. It adjusts the output voltage and frequency by switching internal IGBT and provides required power supply voltage for energy conservation and speed control. It is widely applied as the industrial automation improves continuously. Low-frequency common mode choke cores are used for low voltage inverter(≤1000V) and effectively suppress the interferences. 


    2.光伏發電逆變器( PV Inverter)


    AT&M CMC Cores are applied to 500KW & 1MW centralized PV inverters. High-permeability CMC Cores are applied to EMC filters near to AC output of high-power PV inverters. The better EMI suppression effect can be reached by less quantity of CMC cores due to high induction performance. Low- permeability CMC cores are applied to EMC filters near to DC output of high-power PV inverters. Low-permeability CMC cores have excellent inductance performance depend on frequency and effective anti-DC bias performance to avoid the damage from saturated inductance.


    3.風力發電變流器(Wind Power Converter )


    AT&M CMC Cores are applied to direct-drive and double-fed converters covering 1MW、1.5MW、2MW、3MW, etc. The choke design of stacking several nanocrystalline cores are effective solution for big bear current problems. Meanwhile it is also effective EMI solution caused by big current interfere (dozens to more than 100 A) for wind energy, variable-speed drive and other application. All those problems usually are reflected in high-frequency peak current and easily solved by AT&M stacking CMC cores design. The stacking ways are depend on saturated current and induction. Customer can select one core or stacked cores(up to 7 cores).




    Nanocrystalline common mode is more and more applied to on-board charger of the battery electric vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Even under temperature as high as 180℃ , Nanocrystalline cores can work safely over long term; restricted by the temperature limit of around 100℃, ferrite cores can’t meet the requirement.


    5.氣體絕緣開關設備(Gas insulated switchgears)

    氣體絕緣開關設備(GIS)是非??煽康碾娏鬏斁W絡的組件。在過去的幾年,系統電壓達到1.2千伏。GIS的切換操作可能導致危險的瞬態電壓(VFTO)。在內部導體上同心的安裝納米晶鐵芯作為單匝的電抗器,可以有效地抑制這些破壞性的高頻(~15 MHz)電壓。其他的鐵芯材料如鐵氧體不能解決這個問題。

    GIS is reliable equipment for power transmission. The system voltage has been up to 1.2KV during past years. The switch operation of GIS may lead to danger VFTO. The reactors with nanocrystalline cores can prevent the damage from high frequency voltage (~15 MHz). Other materials cannot solve this problem such as ferrite.


    6.高能粒子加速器(High energy particle accelerator)


    Due to the high saturation flux density of at least 1,2Tesla suitable nanocrystalline cores are the preferred solution for the tuning elements in synchrotron cavities. Related applications like particle beam de-bunchers or bunch compressors are often very much limited in space. By the use of nanocrystalline cores, the required length compared to Ferrite cores can be reduced by typically 50% - but with the disadvantage of significantly higher power consumption during operation. But due to their low impedance, the nanocrystalline cores also avoid unfavorable interactions with the ion beam and thus, they are used in several particle beam accelerator installations worldwide.


     一、尺寸圖示(Size Chart)




    二、產品選型表(Product selection table):